Finding Balance Through Beauty

I noticed the small gesture of love and beauty in the above photo as I was waiting to catch an uber yesterday. The circle of hearts crocheted to the tree contained the following note: Instagram: @spread_love_crochet! #LosAngeles #CrochetHearts #SpreadLove #ResistHate Simple instructions with a powerful message. Artistic gestures such as this can play a huge role in helping us findContinue reading “Finding Balance Through Beauty”

5 Books for artists seeking stability

In general, I tend to be more action oriented than planning oriented, which explains the post I wrote yesterday. Instead of contemplating the change I’d like to see in my life or career, I often find myself identifying actionable steps to get results. In order to create the steps necessary for change, it is incrediblyContinue reading “5 Books for artists seeking stability”

Thoughts on Why Music Schools Must Embed Context into the Curriculum

Yesterday, I wrote this post, which discusses the role of arts entrepreneurship in higher education. After the post, I started thinking more deeply about the role that context plays in the process of educating our arts students. Higher education helps students go deep in a few subject areas, but mostly, the courses students take provideContinue reading “Thoughts on Why Music Schools Must Embed Context into the Curriculum”

Strategies to help Artists take some time for themselves.

As many of you know, I’ve been doing a bit of writing lately in an attempt to help all of you find balance between work and being able to take a breath and enjoy life. Yesterday, I read this amazing post by Eric Perry. The post, titled “How to have healthy alone time,” discusses the valueContinue reading “Strategies to help Artists take some time for themselves.”

Climbing the Ladder: Majoring in Music As A Pathway To College and Upward Mobility.

A couple of weeks ago, I published this post, which encourages applied university teachers to broaden the definition of success for their students. It is our responsibility to redefine success for all of our students at the earliest age. If you are part of a middle or high school based music program, an El SistemaContinue reading “Climbing the Ladder: Majoring in Music As A Pathway To College and Upward Mobility.”