Three simple steps to a productive week

During the pandemic, my definition of a productive workweek changed. With extra time on my hands, I had time to reflect on what was truly important to me in my life, and guess what, spending extra time on my work at the expense of things like my family and my health didn’t make sense. OverContinue reading “Three simple steps to a productive week”

How I solved the more money vs. more time conundrum

My more time vs. more money equation has always looked like this: Time > Money As a creative, I need time to think, absorb, and formulate my ideas. When I spend the majority of my time earning money, I run out of valuable time to bring my ideas to life. This sets up a frustrating,Continue reading “How I solved the more money vs. more time conundrum”

Four simple questions I ask before saying yes to a work opportunity.

For many years, I had a scarcity mindset. I worried that each performance opportunity would be the last, so I automatically said yes to everything. When I transitioned away from making a living as a performer, I carried that scarcity mindset with me. I continued to say yes to every opportunity and rarely did IContinue reading “Four simple questions I ask before saying yes to a work opportunity.”

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