The Frustration of Personal Budgeting.

It can be incredibly frustrating to hear someone give you advice on your finances. Although well intentioned, the solution often floated is that you simply need to live within your means in order to find financial stability. Of course this makes sense, however, the problem is that many of us don’t have enough working cashContinue reading “The Frustration of Personal Budgeting.”

Financial Stability: What is an hour of your time actually worth?

One of the biggest challenges you will face as an artist is attaining financial stability. It is very possible to find financial stability, but nobody seems to share strategies for thinking about how you go about developing a sustainable career. The Challenge I get it. I know that quite often, you find ourself taking workContinue reading “Financial Stability: What is an hour of your time actually worth?”

Thoughts on launching a successful private lesson studio.

Here’s a question I received last week: Hi Nate, I’m moving to a new city and I’d like to quickly recruit 5-10 students into my private clarinet studio.  What suggestions do you have for getting started? Here is my process for launching a private studio in a new town: Be committed to teaching—The most importantContinue reading “Thoughts on launching a successful private lesson studio.”

5 Books for artists seeking stability

In general, I tend to be more action oriented than planning oriented, which explains the post I wrote yesterday. Instead of contemplating the change I’d like to see in my life or career, I often find myself identifying actionable steps to get results. In order to create the steps necessary for change, it is incrediblyContinue reading “5 Books for artists seeking stability”

Finding Stability as an Artist

Here’s a question that came from one of my readers: As an artist 10 years into my career, I am making things work both financially and artistically, but I continue to be interested in finding artistic work that allows me to be upwardly mobile. Can you give me some advice for finding stability? This questionContinue reading “Finding Stability as an Artist”

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