Launching a new ensemble, organization, or business? Read this, Part III. Developing your Concept.

For the past few days, I’ve written a step by step process for how I would go about launching a new ensemble, organization, or business. Today, I’m going to give you some thoughts on how to develop that great idea you came up with during the first two posts. Continue divergent thinking and brainstorming.┬áNow that […]

Thoughts on Why Music Schools Must Embed Context into the Curriculum

Yesterday, I wrote this post, which discusses the role of arts entrepreneurship in higher education. After the post, I started thinking more deeply about the role that context plays in the process of educating our arts students. Higher education helps students go deep in a few subject areas, but mostly, the courses students take provide […]

What is the point of Arts Entrepreneurship?

Over the past decade, I think Schools of Music have answered that question in this way: Arts Entrepreneurship helps our students find success in the field. Academia has long placed an emphasis on outcomes based learning that prepares students for success. But what if those proposed outcomes aren’t preparing students for the field, or worse, […]

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