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Following Nate Zeisler’s career and life advice for creativess has been an awesome way for me to stay motivated and keep myself in check as I kick off my career while maintaining work-life balance. Everything he has to say is new and interesting with his own thoughtful and empathetic twist. —Natalie B.

I just want to reach out and share that I’m really enjoying these emails. I’m approaching my 27th year, and life is quite precisely, unrelenting! The brevity of these emails always draws me in, even if I only have less than two minutes to look through it. The practical, immediately actionable pieces of advice really help me see things more clearly. I appreciate you being open and candid in the writings about how this time is truly a struggle you. It makes me feel less isolated and more human. Plus, it’s a refreshing change from all the happy-go-lucky emails lists that I’ve recently unsubscribed from. So thank you!  —Jasmin K.

In addition to Nate’s podcast, I look forward to receiving his newsletters. They give me great tips on navigating a music career! I particularly appreciate his thoughts on work/life balance and financial literacy – two things I strive to learn more about and incorporate in my life. —Jo W.