What is an hour of your time actually worth from a Work Life Balance Perspective?

It’s a funny thing, time. We never seem to have enough of it, especially when pursuing an art form that is defined by a fleeting moment in our lives. One minute we’re on stage pouring our heart out for an audience, the next, we’re on the way home, thinking about the next performance. Our work […]

Finding Balance Through Beauty

I noticed the small gesture of love and beauty in the above photo as I was waiting to catch an uber yesterday. The circle of hearts crocheted to the tree contained the following note: Instagram: @spread_love_crochet! #LosAngeles #CrochetHearts #SpreadLove #ResistHate Simple instructions with a powerful message. Artistic gestures such as this can play a huge role in helping us find […]

Strategies to help Artists take some time for themselves.

As many of you know, I’ve been doing a bit of writing lately in an attempt to help all of you find balance between work and being able to take a breath and enjoy life. Yesterday, I read this amazing post by Eric Perry. The post, titled “How to have healthy alone time,” discusses the value […]

Are you an artist looking for a way to find balance? Stop letting EMAIL run your life!

Often, I find myself buried in email with no end in site. I set aside time to dig out, only to be inundated by more emails. Email has been one of the biggest challenges to finding balance in my life. Here are some suggestions about how to handle your email: Tackle email after you get your […]

Using the 80-20 rule to help Artists find balance.

This is a picture of me hiking with my daughter. I have the photo sitting on my desk as a reminder of why finding balance is so important. A question I often get as I advise artists goes something like this: As an artist, I’m finding it almost impossible to find a work/life balance. What […]

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