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5 Tips for Tipping the Scales Towards Excellence

On the left is a photo of me at age three, on the right, my daughter at the same age. I loved the violin and had supportive parents to guide me. Both artists, they had the cultural affluence to make certain I practiced every day and they expected excellence from the start. Now, 37 years later, my wife and I have the same expectations for our children as they start their lives as artists. It is through this personal lens that I think about the way many organizations serve high-need students as many programs are set up with an eye towards

5 Ways College Students Can Jumpstart Their Career In The Arts

I love this post by Ivan Trevino.  He raises questions many of us are asking at institutions of higher learning across the country.  The arts entrepreneurship  movement from the past few years has helped and many schools are working diligently behind the scenes to address the new needs of the 21st century artist, however, change is hard at the institutional level. While I agree with Ivan whole-heartedly, the curriculum he desires in his post represents a shift in the entire higher-education system.  That is, a shift from the traditional, lecture-based, skill and drill type curriculum to a curriculum rooted in experiential learning, critical thinking and real world skills building. What if you’re attending a music school that offers a great – but traditional – education?  You have to do more in today’s marketplace. No longer can you simply put in 100% effort into your degree and expect to be successful in your field upon graduation.  (This goes for just about every degree out there, not just music) That said, there has never been a better time to jumpstart your career while still in school.  Here are …

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Community Engagement: Part One—Organizational Foundation

It turns out that Los Angeles is a difficult nut to crack when it comes to designing a deep, meaningful community engagement program.  What an amazing and rewarding challenge the last year has been. The time has come to start a deep discussion—via this blog—about the strategies I’ve adopted in the construction of the program.  I’ll tell you up front that this is not a “how to manual” for Community Engagement, rather, it’s a behind the scenes look at how this program has come together.  The hope is that some of the strategies I discuss will serve as inspiration for programs at your institution.  The reality is that you know what’s best for your school and, when it comes to developing a highly impactful program, it’s understanding the dynamics on the ground, in your geographical area, that will help you develop the best strategies moving forward. I think the best way to deliver this portion of the blog is to think about the program chronologically.  So, today I’m going to focus on what organizational factors …