Launching a new ensemble, organization, or business? Read this, Part I. Start with You

One of the most common questions I get as I mentor artists is how to successfully launch a new ensemble, socially relevant organization, or business. Today, I’m launching a series of “how to” posts designed to help you create and develop your great ideas. These posts will give you the tools to bring your great […]

Artistic Micro-Movements

Last January, I wrote this post in response the inauguration of #45. The premise behind the post was simple: What small things can you do today to make a difference in the world? In January and February, our collective efforts played out on a daily basis, both on line and in person. Now, we are […]

One thing Artists can do in response to the rescinding of the DACA program.

For most of my adult life, our political parties have been at such odds with each other that even simple legislation has become a challenge to pass. Political score keeping has become more important than the well being of the American people. This type of political paralysis often means that instead of our elected officials […]

The Portfolio Career

Portfolio Career Defined A person engaged in a portfolio career doesn’t work for a single company, but rather gathers a “portfolio” of jobs around a common theme or skill set, and balances that portfolio much like an investor manages a bundle of stocks. —Charles Handy, organizational and management theorist Charles sums this up nicely, however […]

5 Steps To Help Solidify Your Career Path

An education rooted in specialization, a career rooted in context. If you’re like me, your journey through school and even the first few years out of college trained you to think narrowly and deeply about the type of work you’d like to pursue. Most schooling is rooted in specialization, which is fantastic. With that said, […]

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