Skip E-Ship Class, Read This—Part I, Opportunity

Last week, I wrote an introductory post to get you primed for developing a new venture.  Today, I’ll help you identify and bring focus to your creative ideas from a business prospective. Creativity is something all of us possess.  The trick is to develop your creative ideas with a marketplace in mind. The exercises belowContinue reading “Skip E-Ship Class, Read This—Part I, Opportunity”

Skip E-ship Class, Read This—Introduction

Today, I’m launching a series of “how to” posts designed to help you create and develop new ideas.  These posts will save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary entrepreneurship coursework, help you work across disciplines to bring your great ideas to life, and provide a systematic approach to developing creative solutions to the problems weContinue reading “Skip E-ship Class, Read This—Introduction”

Digital Strategy for Arts Enterprise

Like many non-profit organizations, Arts Enterprise has operated on a tight budget since incorporating a year and a half ago.  With a tight budget comes the ever difficult decision of where to spend our limited resources.  From an operational standpoint, the AE Central team has established three goals in order to help us grow inContinue reading “Digital Strategy for Arts Enterprise”

2011 Arts Enterprise Summit Recap

It’s a brisk Saturday morning at the beginning of my spring break and I finally have time to try to figure out how I can best capture the AE National Summit that occurred three weeks ago today.  Most difficult for me is trying to figure out how to put into words the excitement, pride, andContinue reading “2011 Arts Enterprise Summit Recap”

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