My Top Tips Of 2020

I publish a newsletter called 5 Tips For The Unrelenting 20-Something every Tuesday. This page is a compilation of all of the links I shared in 2020. Each newsletter is packed with quick, easily digestible tips that enable you to take quick action on the things you care about most in your life and career.Continue reading “My Top Tips Of 2020”

Ten Steps to a Personal Strategy Statement

Yesterday, I wrote about the steps I was compelled to take in my career to develop a better work/life balance for myself. The post contained big picture thoughts on how to make change in your life and career. Today’s post provides 10 steps to help you develop your own personal strategy statement: Sit with aContinue reading “Ten Steps to a Personal Strategy Statement”

8 steps artists can take to achieve their three year strategic plan.

Yesterday, I wrote about ways artists can create a three year strategic plan. Here are eight steps to take your ideas from planning to action. Set Incremental Goals—Take the strategy statement you created from the previous post and start to set some goals for how you will accomplish the work over the next three years. IContinue reading “8 steps artists can take to achieve their three year strategic plan.”

Financial Stability: What is an hour of your time actually worth?

One of the biggest challenges you will face as an artist is attaining financial stability. It is very possible to find financial stability, but nobody seems to share strategies for thinking about how you go about developing a sustainable career. The Challenge I get it. I know that quite often, you find ourself taking workContinue reading “Financial Stability: What is an hour of your time actually worth?”

Finding Stability as a 20-Something Artist

Here’s a question that came from one of my readers: As an artist 6 years into my career, I am making things work both financially and artistically, but I continue to be interested in finding artistic work that allows me to be upwardly mobile. Can you give me some advice for finding stability? This questionContinue reading “Finding Stability as a 20-Something Artist”