I read about #39 in history books. Though I have distinct memories from the 80’s, #40 came and went in the fog of my preteen years. #41 taught me the power of patriotism, yellow ribbons, and pride in my country.  #42 arrived during my coming of age years and helped me grow my progressive roots. IContinue reading “#45”

The Best Buy Cavern

If you’re a tech geek like me, you love Best Buy and all their latest gadgets.  This weekend, I ventured into Best Buy looking for a new digital camera.  As I walked into the store, I thought, “Wow, this place is empty, it must be a new Best Buy.”  Then, it hit me, what onceContinue reading “The Best Buy Cavern”

The Classical Music Fiscal Cliff—Part I

Our country is quickly approaching another fiscal cliff.  Yikes.  When I hear those words, I always imagine a movie from the 1930’s, the hero—dangling by mere fingertips—tries to avoid her imminent demise, all while the villain laughs mercilessly as the scene plays out.  Fortunately, 100% of the time, the hero miraculously claws her way outContinue reading “The Classical Music Fiscal Cliff—Part I”

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