Will becoming a content creator allow you to follow your passions?

Musicians are often told that if they simply “Follow their passions,” they will find ultimate life and career success.

For a select few, simply following their passions will get them to where they want to go.

The other 99% of us must understand that we need to focus on developing skills that support the things in which we are most passionate.

As a freelance bassoonist, if I were to only focus on performance (my passion) there would likely not be enough work to give me the financial stability I need to have a balanced life.

However, if I explore my interests just adjacent to my passions and apply them to my work as a bassoonist, I am much more likely to find a path to financial stability that allows me to find ultimate career success.

One way to consider connecting your passions to your livelihood is to explore becoming a content creator.

A content creator is someone who produces or creates content for digital media platforms such as social media, blogs, podcasts, videos, and websites. They can be individuals or companies that create various forms of content, such as written articles, videos, graphics, podcasts, and other multimedia.

Content creators may have a specific niche or area of expertise (IE bassoonist), and they often use their skills and creativity to engage with their audience and build a following. They may also monetize their content through sponsorships, advertising, or other revenue streams. Some examples of content creators include bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, social media influencers, and online educators.

Becoming a content creator is not a get-rich-quick scheme, however, it is absolutely something that all musicians should consider pursuing. If done correctly, it can bring in a steady flow of income that provides financial stability which, in turn, will allow musicians to pursue the things about which they are most passionate.

Here are some quick tips if you’re considering the path of a content creator:

  1. Learn new skills: Often, I see musicians build skills that don’t move them toward their goals. Content creators develop skills that allow them to: add one line to their resume, make one dollar on the internet, and/or collect one email address. Framing your skills development in this way will help you focus your energy and directly connect the new skill with your passions.
  2. Experiment with different formats: Musicians often get stuck doubling down on the one or two things that make them most comfortable. Content creators experiment with different formats to see what works best for them. In the online space, that might mean writing blog posts, creating videos, podcasting, or even crafting a weekly newsletter.
  3. Explore different topics: Musicians often focus on their craft at the expense of considering how it might connect to other things. Content creators experiment by combining their specific art with different topics to see what they might enjoy writing or talking about. The juxtaposition between their specific art and writing about things like politics, technology, or personal finance provides a unique perspective for the community each musician might hope to build.
  4. Collaborate with others: Musicians are natural collaborators so collaborating as a content creator is an easy task. They might work with other creators in their niche, or even outside of their niche, to bring a fresh perspective to their content.
  5. Set goals: Musicians are very goal and process-oriented. As a content creator they should also set goals for themselves to give them a sense of direction and purpose. Developing a plan for the number of posts they want to write, the number of subscribers they want to have, or the amount of revenue they want to earn is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Becoming a content creator is not for everyone, however, for the individuals who see this as a potential path for a sustainable career, it could be a game-changer.

Drop the name(s) of people you know who are doing great work as content creators in the comment section below.

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