A Quick Tip To Help You Find Work Stability

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Here is a quick tip on how to find work stability.

Know your industry.

Read and be curious about what is trending in the professional world where you would like to work.  This is the optimal time to become an expert in your field and it’s also a time to figure out how you will contribute to your chosen field as you continue to build your career.  

Here are four quick tips to get you started:

  1. Find at least one trade magazine relevant to your chosen career path and read it every month for a year.
  2. Find one local person in your chosen field, ask to shadow them, and take them out to coffee to see what their life is all about (don’t ask your professor, that’s too easy).
  3. Set up a series of Google alerts (takes 5 min) for the topics you find most interesting.
  4. Pick one social media source (I like twitter) and follow all the big thinkers (people and organizations) in the field.  Read your feed for 10-15 min every day. Here’s my feed.

Take the time now to observe and learn about your field, it can be a great way to build a deeper understanding of where you’d like to go and build financial stability in the process.

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Nate Zeisler is the Dean for Community Initiatives at the Colburn School in Los Angeles. He envisions a world where students majoring in the arts have a clear path to a sustainable career, where creative minds are empowered and inspired to rule the workforce, and where access to the arts is not just for the privileged few, but for all.

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