5 Books for artists seeking stability

In general, I tend to be more action oriented than planning oriented, which explains the post I wrote yesterday. Instead of contemplating the change I’d like to see in my life or career, I often find myself identifying actionable steps to get results.

In order to create the steps necessary for change, it is incredibly important to gather information about how to take the next steps in my life.  It is through the information gathering process that the best ideas come forward. Below you will find some resources that I use on a regular basis as I help others find stability in their lives. All of the items are also listed on my resources page within this site.


Thanks so much and please let me know what resources you have used to find stability in your career in the comment section below.

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Published by Nate Zeisler

Nathaniel Zeisler is passionate about supporting and developing the careers of artists and artistically minded entrepreneurs. Serving as the Director of Community Engagement and Adult Studies at the Colburn School, Zeisler is working to build a program that offers a menu of services and training to world-class artists who seek sustainable careers, through engagement activities in Southern California. In 2004, Nathaniel founded the Envision Chamber Consort; an organization dedicated to presenting music as a form of contemporary communication. Continuing to pursue connections between the business and arts communities, Zeisler co-founded and led Arts Enterprise, an organization that helps students find sustainable careers in their chosen field. Additionally, Dr. Zeisler served as the assistant professor of bassoon and professor of entrepreneurship at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. As a musician, Nate served as the principal bassoonist of the Ann Arbor Symphony and performed as second bassoonist with the Michigan Opera Theatre in Detroit. Nathaniel earned his doctorate of musical arts and master’s degree in bassoon performance from the University of Michigan and bachelor’s degree in choral and instrumental education from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

6 thoughts on “5 Books for artists seeking stability

  1. Kevin Schempf says:

    Another great book is “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” by Eric Barker. Great articles, Nate.

  2. Thank you, Nate! This is awesome!

  3. Of course, Andrew Simonet’s Making Your Life As An Artist, available as a free download from Andrew’s ArtistsU.org website is a pretty spectacular DIY contribution to stability for artists.

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