Tips For The Unrelenting Creative: How To Make Your Day Better

Hi everyone, I hope your week is off to a great start. I started my week by running the Rose Bowl Half Marathon on Sunday, which was profoundly satisfying and ridiculously painful at the same time. The half marathon is exactly half way to the LA Marathon in March and I hope to participate inContinue reading “Tips For The Unrelenting Creative: How To Make Your Day Better”

Tips For The Unrelenting Creative: Let’s Talk About Productivity

Hi everyone, Happy Tuesday! My kids went back to school this week so I get to write this newsletter in silence. (Silence!) Do not underestimate the power and luxury of being able to tackle work without interruption, especially coming off the excitement of winter break. One thing that I truly appreciate every January is thatContinue reading “Tips For The Unrelenting Creative: Let’s Talk About Productivity”

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Finding Meaning During The Great Resignation

Millions of members of our workforce left their jobs during the great resignation.  I suspect many left because they didn’t find their work meaningful.  Work without meaning is one of the biggest reasons creatives want to make a change in their careers.  I am inspired and driven in my position, but the pandemic fundamentally changedContinue reading “Finding Meaning During The Great Resignation”