Long Tail Sessions, Vol 11–Wednesday, December 6th with Vijay Gupta

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Vijay Gupta, friend, Violinist with the LA Phil and Founder of Street Symphony. In our discussion, we cover the work Vijay has been up to with Street Symphony, his upcoming Messiah Project at the Midnight Mission on Skid Row and a growing partnership we’ve created between Colburn […]

Announcing a partnership between the Colburn School and Street Symphony

I am thrilled to announce a partnership between the Colburn School and Street Symphony, an organization run by my good friend and violinist, Vijay Gupta. This partnership will solidify and bring into focus work that has been happening on an ad hoc basis for the past several years. Last week, there were two events, led […]

How to set up a community engagement program that is diverse and inclusive.

In many ways, Los Angeles could be considered an arts education desert. Children are not afforded the opportunity to receive sequential learning in the arts. At Colburn, I was asked to develop a pipeline of learning that was sequential in nature and helped students in the program develop the skills necessary to thrive.The school altered […]

The Best Tool for Discovering your Strengths.

One of the biggest challenges we face in the arts is that we tend to be conformist in nature. We look back at traditional approaches to learn our art in order to catapult us into the future. We need to separate the formal practice of learning our high art from our future career path. As […]

7 tips for artists considering work in a traditional, 9-5 job.

On my way into work this morning, I stumbled upon this article, which provides great insight into ways employers can retain a highly engaged team working on a common goal for their organization or business. This type of mindset is important for artists to think about for those who are considering more traditional, 9-5 work. […]

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