Tips For The Unrelenting Creative: How To Build In Public

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One week back at the newsletter and I am loving the experience of posting on a regular schedule. I finally took the time to get down on paper my plan of attack for writing and posting and (so far), it seems to be working like a charm. At the core of this work is a daily habit of writing with a clear process of when and where to post my creations. In the past, I would write but not share my work with my community. That was satisfying for my creative practice of writing but nobody was seeing my creations. I’m excited to have this plan in place and see where it goes in the coming months. I hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter.


  • How To Build In Public: For over three years, I worked on my book in a vacuum. I loved the practice of daily writing in solitude. The problem was that I had no idea whether or not what I was creating was actually something people in the world would appreciate. That’s when I started building in public and everything changed. ​ ​

    Tip: Throw caution to the wind and set up a practice of building in public. This newsletter is a great example and I’ve found the entire process of building in public to be liberating and enjoyable. To get started, check out the article I created below and read
    . ​ ​

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  • How To Be Average: As a Creative, one of the biggest challenges I face is that I want everything I do to be perfect. The best. Better than everyone else. Anything but average. But striving for perfection in everything keeps me from moving my big ideas forward. ​ ​

    Tip: Strive to be normal or average at some things in life so that you can perfect the things that are most important. Lee Tilghman wrote
    about establishing a new year’s resolution to simply be normal. ​


  • How To Scale, Scaffold, and Self-Define: One of the biggest ways I get derailed in my life and career is when I don’t have a solid plan of attack for what comes next. For the longest time, I simply trusted in blind faith that everything would be ok. Today, I live by the plans that I set for success. Without them, I would be lost. ​ ​

    Tip: Start small and develop a game plan for the week every Monday. You’ll be surprised by how much more you get out of your time when you spend 30 minutes getting a plan down on paper. Alexandra Allen uses the mantra of
    her plan before she starts anything. ​


Things I Loved

  • ​The folks at are taking the food + pickleball craze by storm!
  • A friend introduced me to last week and I’m completely hooked!
  • makes recipe suggestions based on what you have in your fridge.
  • The helps you write better sentences.
  • gives you information based on evidence-based research instead of popular results.
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Nate Zeisler is the Dean for Community Initiatives at the Colburn School in Los Angeles. He envisions a world where students majoring in the arts have a clear path to a sustainable career, where creative minds are empowered and inspired to rule the workforce, and where access to the arts is not just for the privileged few, but for all.

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