Tips For The Unrelenting Creative: How To Use Choice As A Time Hack

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I’m back from a brief hiatus. My family and I took a trip to New Jersey to visit family during my kid’s spring break and now I’m back and ready to tackle my big projects. Thanks for reading!


  • How To Use Choice As A Time Hack: I spend way too much time on my phone and watching TV, which dramatically impacts my ability to tackle big projects during the day. The tech designed to help me do my best work, often gets in the way of my ability to do any work at all. 

    Tip: Michelle Drouin argues that when it comes to watching TV or using your phone, we should all make the choice to either omit the technology altogether during certain parts of the day, or substituting the time we would be passively watching TV or scrolling with more productive activities like reading or exercising.

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  • How To Design An Anti-Fragile Career: The careers of creatives are often thought of as fragile. I have long believed that the notion of a starving artist represents an antiquated view of a person forging a career as a creative. In the year 2022, there are fantastic tools and wonderful tutorials to help every creative thrive as an independent artist.

    Tip: Start building your path towards an anti-fragile career now by exploring ways to add additional income to the creative work you are pursuing. There are any number of traditional and non-traditional opportunities out there to help financially support your work. If you’re not certain where to begin, author Khe Hy wrote this post during the height of the pandemic and the body of the article has incredibly valuable information for creatives pursuing an anti-fragile career. ​

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  • How To Send An Email: Email is a time consuming task that never ends. I have tried many different strategies over the years and still fall into the trap of spending too much time writing and responding. One of my biggest frustrations with email is when I send something important off to someone with a question but I don’t get a response. 

    Tip: If you have something timely and need a response quickly, pick up the phone and call the person. In addition, place your question at the very top of the email and don’t be afraid to write the word urgent in the title of the email. Here’s a great thread on how a grad student was able to have better communication with her supervisors through email.

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Things I Loved

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  • This thread is proof that there are good people everywhere.



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