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Happy New Year! I’m back after a four month hiatus from this newsletter. As you know, I’ve been writing a book for the last three years and in early September, I made the realization that it was impossible for me to build a following on social media, write this weekly newsletter, finish writing the book, and hold a full time job. I went dark for a few months and, after several rewrites, I am closer than ever to crossing the finish line with the book. Be on the lookout for more information about my upcoming book, and I am excited to get back to writing this newsletter in the process.

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  • How To Redefine Success in 2022: I am the worst at achieving my New Year’s Resolutions, which is why I’ve largely stopped setting them for myself. (ha!) While I am all about setting goals and getting after them, I have started looking beyond the goal itself to how I define successful achievement of the goal.

    Tip: Instead of treating your resolutions as an all or nothing approach to your life and career, set smaller goals and give yourself permission to make a mistake every once in awhile. I wrote about redefining success in this post to kick off the new year.

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  • How To Achieve Your Goals Without Even Trying: I struggle to set resolutions that will actually help make my life better. So often, I get caught up in the big “perfect life” goals that I want to achieve that I forget to see if there are smaller, and often easier, ways to find life and career fulfillment.

    Tip: Look for the smallest possible steps you can take to move the dial towards your big picture goals. I love this post by the Guardian that lists 100 ways to “slightly” improve your life. While none of the suggestions are life changing, if you put them in place on a trajectory towards your bigger goals, they have the ability to make a huge difference in your life and career.

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  • How To Build A Bridge To Achieve Your Resolutions: I have developed a pretty reliable habit of running on a daily basis. I have worked on this habit for years and continue to do it because my body feels so good after I complete my runs. For some reason, my eating habits haven’t followed the same path. While some might argue that I run so I can eat whatever I want, eating better is a habit I would like to develop over time and I consistently set goals to change my behavior.

    Tip: Build habits around your already successful routines. In my case, that means I should be using my successful running practice to develop better eating habits. Popular Science contributed this great article about setting resolutions that stick. Check it out and see if you can bridge your successful habits to support the areas that need work.

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