This Is How I Avoid Decision Fatigue


One of the biggest challenges I have with work/life balance is that I get overwhelmed quickly with my to-do list and I don’t know where to begin. ⁣

I started using the Eisenhower Matrix to better understand the work. This simple tool works! I begin every day by taking 5 minutes to list the things I need to accomplish and then place them in the matrix. ⁣Check it out: 

A few thoughts:⁣

1. Time Is Worth More Than Money. If you’re thinking that you don’t have anyone in which to delegate your work, consider things outside of work that you can delegate for a bit of $$. (IE can you pay an extra $5 to have your dry cleaning delivered?)⁣

2. Important, But Not Urgent is where you achieve long-term goals. Try to get through your urgent and important work as quickly as possible so you can maximize your time on big projects. ⁣

3. Say No. I can’t stress this enough. One of the biggest reasons we get overwhelmed is that we say yes too much. Eliminate as much of your not important not urgent work as possible. ⁣

What do you do to avoid decision fatigue? 

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Nate Zeisler is the Dean for Community Initiatives at the Colburn School in Los Angeles. He envisions a world where students majoring in the arts have a clear path to a sustainable career, where creative minds are empowered and inspired to rule the workforce, and where access to the arts is not just for the privileged few, but for all.

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