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Downtown Los Angeles

Community Engagement: Part One—Organizational Foundation

It turns out that Los Angeles is a difficult nut to crack when it comes to designing a deep, meaningful community engagement program.  What an amazing and rewarding challenge the last year has been. The time has come to start a deep discussion—via this blog—about the strategies I’ve adopted in the construction of the program.  I’ll tell you up front that this is not a “how to manual” for Community Engagement, rather, it’s a behind the scenes look at how this program has come together.  The hope is that some of the strategies I discuss will serve as inspiration for programs at your institution.  The reality is that you know what’s best for your school and, when it comes to developing a highly impactful program, it’s understanding the dynamics on the ground, in your geographical area, that will help you develop the best strategies moving forward. I think the best way to deliver this portion of the blog is to think about the program chronologically.  So, today I’m going to focus on what organizational factors …