Broadening the definition of success for music students.

This is me in fifth grade. At the age of 12, I remember my teachers telling me that if I continued to work, I could get a scholarship to study the instrument in college. Many began to tell me that I should pursue a career on the instrument. When I was barely in middle school,Continue reading “Broadening the definition of success for music students.”

Everyone Should Major In Music!

For decades, we have been told not to major in music. We’ve been told that there aren’t any jobs, and the jobs that do exist have job satisfaction rates in the gutter. When are institutions of higher learning going to widen their definition of success when it comes to majoring in music? The path ofContinue reading “Everyone Should Major In Music!”

Finding your pot of gold: 5 factors to consider when choosing a place to attend college

Congratulations! You are months away from graduation and well on your way to the dream of starting your collegiate career or graduate work! You have received — or are about to receive — letters of acceptance, and now all you need to do is make that all important decision about where you will attend school in the fall.Continue reading “Finding your pot of gold: 5 factors to consider when choosing a place to attend college”

The Real Reasons New Business Generation is Shrinking

Tim Askew’s recent post about the state of entrepreneurship in the US was filled with interesting statistics and a provocative, editorialized rationale for the reason people aren’t launching small businesses.  While nobody would challenge the diminishing  numbers, I think they have less to do with government overreach and more to do with our children notContinue reading “The Real Reasons New Business Generation is Shrinking”

The Classical Music Fiscal Cliff—Part I

Our country is quickly approaching another fiscal cliff.  Yikes.  When I hear those words, I always imagine a movie from the 1930’s, the hero—dangling by mere fingertips—tries to avoid her imminent demise, all while the villain laughs mercilessly as the scene plays out.  Fortunately, 100% of the time, the hero miraculously claws her way outContinue reading “The Classical Music Fiscal Cliff—Part I”

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